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About WTF: the Power of Asking

A modern resurrection of the Greek Pnyx (/nɪks/): a supportive space for open, inclusive, informed, and thoughtful exchanges of ideas, for the practice of the ancient art of asking the right questions to move beyond hype and arrive at knowledge.

DeFi.WTF pierces through the surface of decentralized finance

The first of a series of WTF events, traces the emergent DeFi stack and explores its implications through in-depth conversations with the space’s main actors.


Oct 7, 2019 | Osaka, Japan


Lightning talks

1. Bird's-eye view of the Ethereum DeFi Microcosm

Story of DeFi, how it started, and where we stand now
Let’s play Lego: DeFi ecosystem mapping
DeFi East meets West


Stream of talks

2. Evolution of Liquidity

Liquidity Microstructure: CeFi vs. DeFi
Evolution of the DEXes
DeFi Liquidity Models: MMORPG, Single Player Game, and beyond


3. Putting the "De" Back in DeFi

50 Shades of Decentralization: Design Principles and Trade-offs
DeFi Bull vs. DeFi Bear: A Debate


Lightning talks

4.Conversation with your DeFi Investor

Profiling DeFi Projects
Valuation Models for DeFi
Will DeFi make ETH valuable?
Chasing Yields across Crypto Native Assets


Stream of talks

5.Inception or Deception?

The Onramp: KYCed volume vs. permissionless olume, and what's trending in DeFi UI?
Product-Market-Fit: institutions v.s. retail, human v.s. bots v.s. other smart contracts?
Mechanism Design: design principles and trade offs in decentralization
Gamification: DeFi games vs. DeFi in games vs. DeFi as games
Killer User Case: Can double-digit rates last, borrower/lender dilemma
Road to Under-Collateralization


Stream of talks

6.Attacks and Defenses

Security : Common types of attacks in smart contracts operating on a single blockchain Security : How to identify generalized attack vectors in smart contracts operating across interdependent blockchains Security : Blockchain Confirmation Assurance Framework & cost of attacks across blockchains Formal verification : Special considerations in formal verification of bridge smart contracts Design against risk : Models of thinking, frameworks, and methodologies


Stream of talks

7. Implications of Intra- and Inter-dependencies

The DeFi Interdependency Graph : cluster and direction of dependency Highly coupled systems : Failures cascading through highly interdependent or bridged blockchains Economics of bridges : Case Study on Cosmos - ETH bridge Security and liquidity implications of interoperable asset and bridges: MCD, tBTC, etc.



8. DeFi beyond Ethereum

Implication of ETH 1.0 to 2.0 for the highly coupled DeFi stack Panel: DeFi for Ethereum vs. Cosmos vs. Polkadot vs. EOS vs. Libra (Moderated by Nervos) What is DeFi? Definition Revisited.

We Want You!


"A DeFi Billboard" Harberger Taxes Social Experiment (Coming Soon)

This is the only place you’ll see logos, REALLY LOUD LOGOS. We are creating “A DeFi Billboard” specifically to take shilling off the serious discussions.
“A DeFi Billboard” is both physical and virtual: We will conduct a continuous auction for 10 display slots on with a Harberger Tax mechanism. In a Harberger Taxation model, the buyer/advertiser sets the price, then the next buyer accepts the price, and pays a tax until he/she is bought out by another buyer, or he stops paying taxes. The tax goes to the event’s ENS address: defiwtf.eth. The proceeds will go into funding the event and funding research that comes out of the event.
Auction starts Oct 2, 2019
Participating in the continuous auction may result in:
Logo showing on a virtual DeFi Billboard on DeFi.WTF website.
Logo showing on a physical retro-style neon billboard will also be presented at the event venue based on a snapshot taken of the on-chain auction (snapshot time to be announced).
"A DeFi Billboard" is inspired by previous experiments on Harberger Taxes:
"This Artwork Is Always On Sale (TAIAOS)" by Simon de la Rouviere;
Harberger Ads a 2018 ETHSanFrancisco winning hack;
一块广告牌 An Advertisement Board by China's BES Studio;
一块广告牌-橙皮书分叉版 An Advertisement Board- OrangePaper Edition by Chinese media OrangePaper.
We need more help with design and implementation of the Harberger Taxes social experiment! (DM @CarboClanC on GitHub or Telegram @TinaZhen)

Donation to Community ENS: defiwtf.eth

If you love what we’re doing and want to help make it a success, consider donating!As an OG supporter, you’ll instantly enter the WTF events’ hall of fame.
You can include a 140-word message about why you’re donating or anything you want to say to the DeFi community, and your name and comment will be displayed on community website (www.DeFi.WTF), Twitter (@WTFdao), and at the event.

Pop-up Collective – Dissolves after 21 Days

If you are a thinker/creative/hacker, join our pop-up collective of volunteers in preparation of that will exist for 21 days then dissolve. The collective will determine the spending of the donations and “A DeFi Billboard” proceeds, and publish the financials once the collective dissolves.
The collective will determine which research streams gets the remaining balance. Prior to dissolving, the collective also decides whether to turn into a loosely-organized community or a more institutionalized DAO with clear governing mechanism.
We need your brain power in helping us come up with the toughest questions that YOU care. Comment directly under this thread if you have a proposal or comments, and don’t forget to VOTE when voting period begins. More details, coming soon!
We need more help with design and implementation of the Quadratic Voting tool, and the Harberger Taxes social experiment! (DM me @CarboClanC on GitHub or Telegram @TinaZhen)

Propose and Vote for Agenda Topics

We need your brain power in helping us come up with the toughest questions; the ones you* care about the most. Comment directly under this thread if you have a proposal or comment. We’ll compile suggestions for agenda items for one week. After topics are compiled and organized, we’ll hold a vote so the community gets to decide which ones will be included. So don’t forget to VOTE when voting period begins.
We need more help with design and implementation of the Quadratic Voting tool! (DM @CarboClanC on GitHub or Telegram @TinaZhen)

Time: Monday, Oct 7, 2019 10:00-18:00

Location: International House, Osaka

8-chōme-2-6 Uehonmachi, Tennōji-ku, Osaka, 543-0001, Japan

DeFi.WTF will take place at the same venue as the Ethereum Lightning Talks organized by ETHPLANET.